Thursday, July 2, 2009

Okay. I'm Quitting Estrogen Cold-Turkey.

Because if I'm happy and horny, no one fucking posts here. Not really. You want a vibrant conservative/libertarian movement?—well, then: you'll pray for lots of PMS among the anti-Statist females.

I'm not denigrating men, and I'm not suggesting that women are the sole driving force of civilization. I'm merely pointing out that the smart money isn't supporting those who get in our way.


  1. Yes but a bitchy woman can go a long way in driving civilization, not because of the bitchiness, but because people just don't want to listen to it anymore (This wasn't directed toward you in any way shape or form, just bitchy woman in civilization in general)

  2. Women were the original gatherers in the hunter-gatherer culture. They invented civilization, first by mastering grain cultivation and animal husbandry, then by developing fermentation and ritual prostitution in order to get the men to pay attention. Then came (in no particular order) porno, child support, and gambling, which caused the men to once again stop paying attention.

  3. I've been saying for years that the country needs a pre-menopausal woman in the White House. When you get to the age of confused hormones (the one after puberty, I mean), nobody messes with you because you just don't give a fuck, and will kick them into next Thursday and never break a sweat.