Monday, June 29, 2009

In the effing gym today

...I had the displeasure of taking in about an hour of CNN. WTF! I so wanted to come through the screen an muster on "dismal failure in Iraq" McCaffrey. Your opinions are so completely spineless, dude.

Then they had some crap about celebrity deaths that was completely forgettable.

What's driving my post is the cretinous boot-licking about President Hopium's Iran policy. They trotted out some polls showing only about a third of Americans disapprove of our current study in spinelessness. Wow, did your oversampling butts make it across the Hudson, and ask any real Americans in flyover country?

The Flagrant, Unrelenting, Callous, Knowlege-free Ignoramus Named Gergen and and equally nauseating Candy Crowley got on there and tried to talk around the fact that the current administration demonstrates a fawning appreciation for dictatorial thugs, Iran in this case (but the pattern repeats for Venezuela, Honduras, North Korea, etc.) that borders on the...kinky. Crowley was saying words similar to "It's so hard to tell what's really going on in Iran, what with all of these pixelated photos..."

Had I a magic wand, how satisfying it would be to whisk your have-missed-a-meal-lately self off to Tehran, for some actual reporting. You know very well it's a war zone there, yet you sit back and wax loquacious about the sad ambiguities involved. Dis-effing-gusting, all of you hacks and sophists.

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  1. Whenever I hear the name "Gergen", I raise a glass to Andrew Ferguson, who once referred to him as a "goggle-eyed melon-head."