Friday, April 3, 2009

Skin flicks on campus? Not at UMD.

What the fuck is happening at the University of Maryland? They had arranged for the most expensive porn movie ever made (Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge) to be shown at the student union - but now it is canceled. Why? Because the Maryland State Senate hastily past a budget amendment that would cause state colleges and universities to forfeit public funds if they show porn movies on campus.

Hundreds of ticket holding students are likely finding this out now and saying "Fuck."

Regardless of your stance on pornography, this seems to be a bit excessive on the part of the state Senate. Threatening to cut off funding for the offense of showing a porn movie on campus? Are they going to start sending auditors through the dorms to make sure no porns are being shown in dorm rooms? Are they going to monitor campus internet usage to make sure there is no porn being downloaded? It isn't like the movie was being paid for by the university - it was entirely financed through ticket sales. (Tickets paid for by students who wanted to see the show.)

Perhaps the Maryland Senate should lighten the fuck up.

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