Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fuck You, Romney Lover

So, I recently posted a blog telling Mitt Romney to shut up, not that I have anything against the guy.

Nate G., from, doesn't seem to agree with me:

I think you should understand first what Mitt is saying. He is not in anyway saying that we should support radical anti-American and anti-Republican ideals. He is saying give credit when, and only when, it is due.

Did he not give thick criticism for Obama’s socialistic agendas? Did he not say previously that he hope that Obama’s liberal policies fail, only because they will be bad for America?

Should we be glad that Obama is seeing the light on Afganistan and is finally taking a hardline with Detroit? I think so, because its the right thing. Or should we want to him to continue to make the wrong decisions because we want him to fail because he’s a Democrat?

Essentially Mitt is saying that we need to separate the policy from the individual or political party. Is the policy good? If yes, than we should root for it. Should a good policy fail because it’s from a (bad) person? No. The policy is the most important. Well spoken by a true grown-up.

I would recommend listening to what he’s really saying instead of tell him to shut up.

Like I fucking care?

I didn't hear the fullness of what Romney had to say at the event. I can only go on what was reported. And, reportedly, he said we should praise Obama when he succeeds. There were no qualifiers reported that Romney thought we should only praise Obama when he succeeds at doing things we agree with. But, even if he did qualify the statement, I don't fucking care.

Fuck Mitt Romney and fuck Nate G.


  1. Right on, Mo! Mitt the Fucking Quitter!

  2. So, in other words, Mitt wants us to give Obama a fucking brownie button when he remembers to wash his hands after a shit.

  3. Why wash his hands? Wouldn't the shit just blend in?

  4. He would notice when he eats with his fucking fingers..

    even plumbers have the sense to know that.