Thursday, September 10, 2009

The President was HOW late?

15 minutes?

What the fuck? Does he think the rest of us work on HIS schedule?

We have a saying in the Navy, "If you're on time, you're late."

We know there are events that conspire to block the best plans of mice and men. We accommodate with the "five minute rule" - We'll wait five minutes, out of respect and understanding.

After that, it's "Fuck it, if it ain't important to you, it ain't important to me."

Why the hell did Congress stick around sitting on their hands? He scheduled that joint session, you'd think he would have the respect for the legislators to at least be on fucking time.

Compare to the previous President. I have it on very good authority that straying from schedule was the one thing that would irritate President Bush to no end. My source said, “When something went late, for any reason, it was the only time I ever saw him truly upset. He felt that the schedule wasn’t just important to him, but that he didn’t want to have people wasting their time waiting for him.”

This guy? Center of the universe - everything revolves around him. This was a petty power play of the basest sort - your schedule depends on his.

So Senators and Congressmen, how's his ass taste?


  1. He runs on friggin' Obama time and he's the only asshole who has a watch. The world revolves around this fucking clown and his fugly faced wife. He's the Goddamn center of the fucking universe. Get with the fucking program, you mere mortal! Jesus Christ and General Jackson! Haven't you fuckin' learned yet?

    [I feel a lot better now: thank you guys for setting up this site]


  2. Yes, because heaven forbid a meeting run five minutes over. Somebody might mention an inconvenient fact and disturb Little Lord Fauntelroy's bedtime.

    What a specious argument.

    George Bush was never late for anything? Of course not.