Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sara Palin's problem to solve

Toby Harden, in his “giver her a talk show” article hits what I think is an essential truth and problem about a possible Palin candidacy:

This is not snooty elitism – it’s based on the perception that Mrs Palin’s track record is thin and that while she has real star quality her political prescriptions are vague. Sound familiar? That may have worked for Barack Obama in 2008 but Americans are likely to want much more substance next time around.

I believe this is an obstacle she may not be able to overcome by acting as a populist, virtual “backbencher”, as she is currently operating. I say this as a fan – I would vote for her without reservation and will defend her to the ends of the earth against the BS she gets every day.

I think she will be the right person at the wrong time.

A common observation of recent Presidential elections is that, in at least one crucial personality trait or important aspect, The People elect the polar opposite of the current President.

Ford – Carter: Insider – Outsider

Carter – Reagan: Sour defeatism – Sunny optimism.

Reagan – Bush(1): Idealist – Pragmatist.

Bush(1) – Clinton: Staid – Rambunctious.

Clinton – Bush(2): Undisciplined – Disciplined.

Bush(2) – Obama: Stubborn loyalty – “Under the bus”

I’m afraid that the current amateur hour is going to be that crucial aspect. The country won’t want to give a go to another politician with a thin resume (including sadly, her resignation of the Governorship) like the last, regardless of her policy positions and how good we think she would be.

Sorry, no "fuck" in this post. Oh, wait....

Maryk out.