Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Done Well"

What the hell. It's a good thing you lost your chance to be President, Senator McCain(Surprisingly, an R, Media). If you can't or are unwilling to see how Pres. Obama is doing, then maybe you should ride off into the sunset of obscurity.

  • Quadrupling the deficit.
  • Nationalizing banks and car manufactures.
  • The firing and smearing IG Walpin (as well as others).
  • The Commander-In-Chief bowing to a Saudi King.

That's for starters.

With your attitude toward the President, do you wonder why the Republicans in Congress are is a super minority status? Many of your ideas from your campaign were not that different from that young, hip guy you were running against. Have the government buy back toxic mortgages? Barack was the Coca-Cola. You were the Diet Value-Rite Soda.

You can't figure out how to oppose the message of the Democrat Party? You deserve to be voted out on your ass and let someone else be elected into the Senate who can formulate a conservative message. What the fuck good are you if you can't figure out how to verbalize the damage Obama is doing to the country? You give speeches for a living, dammit. You have aides, paralegals and interns all at your beck and call in your office. With their collective think tank, they can't give you a 3 x 5 note card with a few bullet points on it as to the shitty job Obama is doing?

Whatever service you have done for the country while in the Navy is, at best, a wash by your disservice as a Congressman.

Thanks to someone on Twitter for the link.