Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Fook You, Mr. Plesident!"

I know it sounds incredible, but even though "Obama warned Friday [it] would be a 'provocative' act", Li'l Kim launched his rocket anyway. Maybe if the president sent him a peace offering - say, a DVD of Pork Chop Hill - he could get Bouffant Boy to play nice. Of course, Obama would have to take time out from bashing America, but, all things considered, I think it would be a decent trade-off.

Stop telling people what to think, you fucking liberal asshole

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Anonymous Liberal. Godwin's Law be damned, you're a goddamned goose-stepping Gestapo gauleiter. Stop telling me what to think and then acting like I'm too stupid to notice.

Fuck you very much.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fuck these stupid tolls!

So, I drove up to Connecticut, last night, from DC. Now, I'm used to being told to bend over if I make the mistake of driving through NYC because I have to pay a ridiculous amount for the privilege of driving over the George Washington Bridge, but now every state seems to be tapping me for more and more of my money just to use the roads. It costs four dollars to go over the fucking Tappan Zee Bridge (in New York state) when half of the lanes are blocked off?

Now, I get it. Roads and maintenance all cost money. And, to be honest, I don't have a problem with paying to use a roadway or bridge. What really pisses me off is that I am paying twice. The federal government is already stealing taxes from me to give to you for these infrastructure projects. Then, I have to pay you again at each booth?

Plus, most of them have doubled since the last time I took the ride (in July 08). And, finally, I have to fucking slow down and come to a complete stop to pay the moron in the booth who is so busy reading a newspaper they can't be bothered to offer me immediate assistance.

Considering that last part, isn't their some global warming argument to be made for getting rid of these booths all together? I mean, I paid more in tolls last night than I did for gas. Something isn't right, here.

WTF Is Wrong With Jon Stewart?

Daily Show Full Episodes

Let me get this straight.

Rush Limbaugh is leaving NYC. Selling his condo, leaving his studio and relocating somewhere else. In the mean time, the people he employed at his condo, his studio and elsewhere are out of a job. Restaurants, and anyone else who depended on Rush as a customer are out that much money due to his lack of patronage. The multimillionaire is leaving town and taking his spending money with him.

And Jon Steward says “Finally”?

What an fucking douche.

Video clip from Hot Air because I don't watch The Fucking Daily Show.

Skin flicks on campus? Not at UMD.

What the fuck is happening at the University of Maryland? They had arranged for the most expensive porn movie ever made (Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge) to be shown at the student union - but now it is canceled. Why? Because the Maryland State Senate hastily past a budget amendment that would cause state colleges and universities to forfeit public funds if they show porn movies on campus.

Hundreds of ticket holding students are likely finding this out now and saying "Fuck."

Regardless of your stance on pornography, this seems to be a bit excessive on the part of the state Senate. Threatening to cut off funding for the offense of showing a porn movie on campus? Are they going to start sending auditors through the dorms to make sure no porns are being shown in dorm rooms? Are they going to monitor campus internet usage to make sure there is no porn being downloaded? It isn't like the movie was being paid for by the university - it was entirely financed through ticket sales. (Tickets paid for by students who wanted to see the show.)

Perhaps the Maryland Senate should lighten the fuck up.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

WTF Kind of American is This Guy?

We must surely be reaching the point where any person possessing at least a modicum of reason and education (and intellectual honesty) has to admit, even if only to himself, that Barack Obama’s view of America - past, present and future – is utterly alien to the view of our country held by a majority of our own citizens (including many who voted for Obama). Every key position, every key decision - the hostility to capitalism, the mortgaging of our future via huge budget deficits, the Edith Bunker school of witless and non-discriminating niceness applied to foreign policy, the appointees in the Department of Justice (!) who have no respect for the law, the permanent campaigning, the advocacy of “Al-pocalypse” environmental theories – reveals Obama’s contempt for America and its traditions of individual liberty and limited government.

I am not a “birth certificate truther”; I am perfectly willing to accept that Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen. However, with respect to his thoughts and his philosophy and his worldview, he might as well have been born in Sweden or Venezuela or Chad. Never have I seen a president over whom the history – the reality - of America has washed to so little effect. To Obama, the United States is not a country with over 230 years of organic political development that, partly through trial and error and partly through adherence to right reason and the lessons of history, has created a society that is the envy of the world. It is just a great, blank blackboard on which he can chalk his sophomoric wish list.

Many still say, “Give him a chance.” The electorate gave him his chance more than four months ago, and in that short time he has squandered it almost irredeemably. The most charitable thing we can do – not only for our country’s sake, but for the president’s – is to criticize Obama relentlessly when he is wrong, in the hope that he will see the dangerous folly of his policies. And if he does not alter his course, then that criticism will lay the foundation for his ultimate removal at the ballot box.

I have quoted this line from Auberon Waugh before, but it bears repeating: “There are countless horrible things happening all over the country, and horrible people prospering but we must never allow them to disturb our equanimity or deflect us from our sacred duty to sabotage and annoy them whenever possible.” In this time of political insanity, that shall be our motto.

Fucking Barbaric

Only someone in the fucking Democrat Party can use their time in the KKK as a career builder.

Bull market? You're fucking kidding me

Anybody who thinks the market has hit bottom -- that we've dropped as far as we're going to drop and it's all up from here -- out of their fucking mind, says David Rosenberg of Merrill Lynch.

Basically, we're fucked like an NFL cheerleader who accidently wandered into a Hell's Angels convention. Like Andrew Sullivan after two nights in San Francisco. Like a Harvard graduate during his first week in prison.

We're so fucked, in other words, we're not going to be able walk tomorrow, and anybody who tells you different is a lying fuckwad.

Fuck You, Romney Lover

So, I recently posted a blog telling Mitt Romney to shut up, not that I have anything against the guy.

Nate G., from, doesn't seem to agree with me:

I think you should understand first what Mitt is saying. He is not in anyway saying that we should support radical anti-American and anti-Republican ideals. He is saying give credit when, and only when, it is due.

Did he not give thick criticism for Obama’s socialistic agendas? Did he not say previously that he hope that Obama’s liberal policies fail, only because they will be bad for America?

Should we be glad that Obama is seeing the light on Afganistan and is finally taking a hardline with Detroit? I think so, because its the right thing. Or should we want to him to continue to make the wrong decisions because we want him to fail because he’s a Democrat?

Essentially Mitt is saying that we need to separate the policy from the individual or political party. Is the policy good? If yes, than we should root for it. Should a good policy fail because it’s from a (bad) person? No. The policy is the most important. Well spoken by a true grown-up.

I would recommend listening to what he’s really saying instead of tell him to shut up.

Like I fucking care?

I didn't hear the fullness of what Romney had to say at the event. I can only go on what was reported. And, reportedly, he said we should praise Obama when he succeeds. There were no qualifiers reported that Romney thought we should only praise Obama when he succeeds at doing things we agree with. But, even if he did qualify the statement, I don't fucking care.

Fuck Mitt Romney and fuck Nate G.

Does Lisa Miller have a fucking bee in her bonnet?

What the fuck is up with Lisa Miller at the Washington Post? She doesn't understand why Sarah Palin would want to pray with someone before the Vice-Presidential debate. How about this explanation: She wanted to gain comfort and strength from a style of prayer that she had gained comfort and strength from in the past.

And who the fuck is the "us" in Miller's opening line? The one that goes "Sarah Palin, God love her, never lets us down." What the fuck is up with that?

Of course I don't know what is worse... Miller's original question or some of the fucking replies it has elicited.

Our Hero: Douglas Fucking Henry

He explains why you shouldn't Twitter while driving:

Dahlia Fucking Lithwick

She's such a fucking hypocrite. (H/T: William Fucking Jacobson.)

What Else Is In His Closet?

Can the world really respect a man whose chief of staff wears a fucking tutu?

Dear Richard: WTF?

Dude, I'm sure there is a perfectly legitimate reason why your Picasa photo album includes this vintage picture of Betty Page getting spanked with a hairbrush:

But I'm sure everyone else would like to hear the explanation.

Does James Fucking Joyner know what the fuck he's talking about?

He's got some shit up about how Twitter is going to kill the blogosphere. Which is totally fucked up, IMFO, but what the fuck do you think?

WTF is with the NYT?

(Via Ed Fucking Morrissey.)

A brief explanation of who we are

This is one of those ideas whose beautiful fucking simplicity makes you wonder why the fuck no one ever thought of it before.

We are conservative bloggers who say, "fuck." Maybe we don't say "fuck" on our own blogs, because our families and people at our churches read that shit. But we don't think we're going to roast in hell for all eternity because occasionally we see something in the headlines that causes us to say, "What the fuck?" Nor do we believe we're totally fucked up just because we like to see some sweet C-cup rackage every once in a while.

We are The Conservatives Who Say Fuck, proudly so, and if you don't like it, fuck you.