Saturday, February 27, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Says It Best To John Podesta

Breitbart isn't having a breakdown but rather experiencing righteous indignation against dogshit-eating liars like Max Blumenthal.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Is It That Liberals Know All The Good Obscure Slang?

With Donnie Douche* calling Marco Rubio a 'Coconut'?

If you are in need of some f'king knowledge like I was about the term, Michelle Malkin has the rundown.

Quick primer for those of you unfamiliar with the “coconut” insult:

If you are a conservative with Latino/Pacific Islander/Filipino heritage, you’re a coconut (brown on the outside, white on the inside).

If you are a conservative with Asian heritage, you’re a Twinkie or banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside).

And if you are a conservative who happens to be black, you are an Oreo (black on the outside, white on the inside).

Okay, who is getting hungry?
I need to add one more. I spent a few years doing work out on the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations a decade or so ago. Apple is another term. Red on the outside, white on the inside.

Back to the guy with the German sounding name who denigrated minorities.

Maybe Donnie Douche is endorsing Charlie Crist because they go to the same tanning salon? Who knows?

One thing, Donnie Douche with his gelled and sculpted coiffure does look kind of creepy. He looks straight out of central casting to be the kind of dad who will encourage his daughter – when she’s a teenager -- to invite her friends over for a sleepover.  Then take pictures of them while they are bouncing on a trampoline.

Or the kind of guy who will get his girlfriend pregnant then dump her. Oh, wait. That he did do.

*Yes, I know his name really is Donnie Deutsch and that calling him Douche is akin to grabbing at fruit so low hanging, it may as well be on the ground. But after fucking around with a married woman as well as dumping his pregnant girlfriend, he's earned it. Easily.

Via Not One Red Cent.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scott Edwards fucking rocks

Scott is chairman of the Republican Party Animals. Just met him here, smoking outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel where the 2010 CPAC has ended.

He'd better start fucking posting here soon.