Sunday, January 17, 2010

We know you're not much for trucks, Mr. President

"Everybody can run slick games," he added. "Forget the truck. Anybody can buy a truck."

Exhibit one:

Well, I think Brown is going to "truck" you and your fucked-up agenda Tuesday. Hope you like a shit sandwich, your types have been trying to feed it to us for a year.

MrMaryk out.


  1. >>>"Everybody can run slick games,"

    Boy, is that the truth! Even an idiot who can't put two words together without a teleprompter can fool 52% of the country into thinking he's not a complete and total douchebag moron.

  2. Truck him, and the bike he rode in on.

  3. We're doing a little "Truck Bomb" for those of use who can't join the "Voter Bomb" in Massachusetts. Show your support and join us here, won't you?

  4. Actually, the quote was "EVERYBODY can buy a truck", making it all the more ridiculous.

    What a fucking douchebag.

  5. Is he wearing mom jeans? Whatta douche.