Monday, April 13, 2009

Speed Limits Suck

I spent a few days on the road last week going to Michigan. Why are the fucking speed limits so slow out east when you can drive as fucking fast as you can the more you travel out west?

It's only 6 fucking 5 in Virginia. Do you know how slow 6 fucking 5 feels after driving 85 in Wyoming (I was speeding there too, 75 is the limit)? It's like trying to run in a dream. Your legs are running but you are not getting anywhere. The limit is more reasonable in Michigan than in Virginia, 7 fucking 0. With almost impunity if you speed up to 75 (Until the end of the month when the highway patrol needs to fill their ticket quota).

Fuck you if you say 'unsafe in any speed'. I want to get where I'm going, fast. And fuck that 'journey, not the destination' bullshit. If I wanted a journey, I will take one when the time is right. Confucius never had to travel with little kids.


  1. Hey, if you're driving on I-95 in Stafford County, you aren't gonna get close to 65 anyway. But I'm with you on the general principle.

  2. If only!
    I'm a truck driver working at Bagram Air Field Afghanistan. I drive 60 miles a night. The speed limit on this base is 15 mph.strictly enforced by MP's with radar guns.


  3. I can't drive 55. When driving from DC to American on I-81, I get concerned because of the troopers on the route. Fortunately, I've learned most of their favorite massage parlors and such and rarely get a ticket.

  4. Last summer I was driving in Luxembourg where there were no speed limits on the highways. It was fun to go 170 km/h (about 105 mph). Then I got to stupid France and forgot to slow down for their shitty speed camera. Oops.